Mortgage Refinance

If you're looking to refinance your current loan, here are the basic steps to follow below:

Steps to Refinancing Your Mortgage Loan

Step 1

Does it Make Sense to Refinance Your Mortgage?

While refinancing might make sense to some people, there are other factors to consider.
You can use one of our refinancing calculators to see how much you can save.

Step 2

Prepare Your Documents

Get an appraisal on your home to see if you can even qualify for a mortgage refinance.

Step 3

Get Several Rate Quotes

Make sure to get a free rate quote and compare from multiple lenders. Be sure to
ask for all the closing costs and fees along with your expected monthly payments.

Step 4

Ask About Fees and Closing Costs

Access your credit score to make sure you are in good standing. Dispute and repair
any credit blemishes when possible.

Step 5

Lock in a Rate and Close the Deal

Take a note of the current mortgage rates and lock in a rate. After locking in a rate, ask for
your expected monthly payments along with the fees and closing costs. Celebrate!

Are you ready? Let’s get started today.
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